The pool no longer has a divi card behind the counter at the Co-op. Dividend points collected on your Co-op card will provide donations to your local Community Champions (of which the pool is one)

This blog is no longer in use

Any posts you see are from previous seasons.
This blog is no longer updated as of the end of the 2017 season.
Please refer to the Facebook page for up to date information about our Community pool.
Thank you
What beautiful weather we have enjoyed in the past few weeks! With the glorious sunshine and the need for sun safety, could we remind customers to slap on the suncream before leaving home to allow it to be absorbed fully before getting in the pool. This ensures the protection it is supposed to provide, as if the cream is only applied just before you get in, it washes straight off leaving you vulnerable to the sun's rays as well as leaving an unsightly slick on the water's surface.

We have also had an unprecedented amount of hair to net out of the water. Untied hair is a health and safety risk as it can get sucked into sumps and filters. Could we please remind all pool users to tie their hair up before entering the water.

Thank you all for your continued support and cooperation.

Tuesday 6th June

Due to persistent rain compromising water visibility and the cold weather making poolside lifeguarding difficult, the pool will not open for this evening's 6-8pm session. We apologise for any inconvenience caused...
We have been blessed with an amazing starting week.
Lovely weather has encouraged swimmers from near and far. With a few sessions requiring our full complement of lifeguards for a full capacity pool! We try to ensure we have adequate lifeguard cover. However, we did have one session when regretfully we only had access to one lifeguard, seriously limiting the numbers of swimmers through the door. Apologies for any who were turned away.
We have also welcomed a few private bookings.
The children return to school tomorrow, and so our term timetable begins... and that means adult only swim sessions begin.
We look forward to seeing you some time soon, and thank you for supporting our pool. Without you we would not be able to remain open. Spread the news and share Billinghay's best kept secret with friends and colleagues. Share the fun.

Congratulations to all our lucky raffle winners.
From a season pass, to bacon rolls, cakes and tea for two, to individual swims, goggles and all the other prizes....
Thank you to everyone for taking part and purchasing tickets, we really appreciate your support.

Saturday 27th May 2017 Opening

And we are open! 

1-2-3 and Jump!


Come in and join the fun :)

The 2017 season has officially started :)

*Please note photos were taken purely for publicity purposes, during normal public sessions we have a no photo policy (photos allowed at private parties only). Care was taken to gain consent from all attendees, however if anyone wishes a photo to be removed, please do not hesitate to contact *
*Thanks to the photographers, for capturing the spirit of the opening: NorthKyme Webmaster, Sharmain, Su and Johnny* 

2017 season Information

Billinghay and District Community Swimming Pool

 2017 Public opening times will start 

Sunday 28th May until the first weekend of September.

We are delighted to announce that prices remain unchanged this year :)

Adults 16yrs+ £4/ session
Youth 10yrs-16yrs £4/ session (can attend pool unacompanied)
Child 5-9yrs £3.50/ session (MUST be accompanied by an adult)
Pre-schoolers 3-4yrs £1
Babies and toddlers 0-2 yrs FREE
Spectators 50p

We struggle to cover our costs and sadly cannot offer concessionary prices for OAPs/ Students/ Armed Forces or Carers at public swim sessions.

Adult swims £3/session & £2.50/ session 65yrs+
Laned swim £3/ session

Season Public Opening times

Weekends and Bank Holiday Mondays: 2pm-5pm

Term time Weekdays:  
 6pm- 8pm 
+ Friday After school dip 3.30pm-5-30pm

School Holiday Weekdays:
 2pm-4pm & 6pm- 8pm

Adult evening swims:
Mondays and Wednesdays 7.45pm to 8.45pm

Adult day swims:
Tuesdays 9.15am-1015am
Thursdays 1130am-1230pm

Laned swim:                                                                                               Sundays 930am -1030am

We are also open for private hire :) , just ring the pool or send an email enquiry to 

Getting  closer to being ready... Not quite there yet!

One week to go!!

Getting really busy up at the pool, with the committee getting to grips with a hundred and one little jobs to get the pool ready. 
The sun is shining and the pool is very inviting.

Preparations are now under way for the 2017 Season

*We will have our grand season opening on Saturday 27th May @ 2pm
The Ruffs will be opening the doors and entertaining us during our  Pound Pool Party.
£1 entry for anyone, be it toddler, swimmer or spectator.
There will be a raffle and refreshments*

Half term Opening times:
Saturday 27th May: 2pm-5pm
Sunday 28th May : 2pm-5pm
Bank Holiday Monday 29th May : 2pm-5pm
Tues 30th May- Fri 2nd June 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm
Saturday 3rd June: 2pm-5pm
Sunday 4th June: 2pm-5pm

We will be open for the 2017 season on Saturday 27th May :)
☀️We appreciate the importance of sun protection, but could we ask pool users to apply sun cream at least half an hour before arriving please?☀️

Putting it on as you arrive at poolside doesn't allow it to be absorbed by the skin to offer it protection, instead it washes straight off into the water!
This means your skin is vulnerable, our pool develops an oil slick and the water starts to go cloudy.☀️

☀️So cream up before you leave home, and when you finish swimming please!☀️ Thank you ☀️
Following numerous concerns raised by lifeguards and customers alike we are asking all pool users to consider their attitude and behaviours when using the pool.
Our lifeguards are trained and qualified to carry out their job.
It is a huge responsibility to oversee the safety of up to 30 people's lives as they jump and splash and swim in the pool.
They are not at the pool to spoil your fun, they are there to safeguard your life! So please show them the respect they deserve; do not question their authority or challenge their decision, but listen to their guidance and alter your behaviour accordingly.
We will support our lifeguards, if users do not wish to heed their advice then they (the users) will be asked to leave the pool in order to maintain a safe environment for all the other users.
If you have an issue, please ask to speak to a committee member in order to voice your concern, and we will address it as best we can.
Thank you for your support.

Available to hire

A great venue for a party, be it a BBQ with friends or a children's birthday !

The pool is available for hire as a venue for those wishing a private party; be it for a birthday, anniversary or any other special event.

- 2hrs hire for the pool facility  £85   
*There is no returning to the pool once food has been consumed for safety reasons.*             

A qualified lifeguard must be in attendance, which we will supply and is included in the price. If your party attracts over 30 attendees, an additional lifeguard will be required adding to the cost.

Use our BBQ, choose your own caterer or DIY. We will help to make the event as happy and memorable as possible.
Talk to one of the team to make sure that the event will be what you want it to be.

Email the pool at or ring  during sessions (once season has started!) on 01526 860383  for more information and to check availability. 
You can also download and print the booking forms and return them to us filled in.(2 double sided documents) together with a £20 non refundable deposit to hold your booking.
 *Please note that should the total not be paid by a week  prior to party then the hirer forgoes the booking and the pool reserves the right to rebook the slot.*